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In 1980, Peter Saunders and Graham Holland dug-in to lay the foundations of Clovemead. Over 35 years later, they’ve grown a team built upon their core values.

We’re not aiming to be the biggest construction company, but we’re working hard to be the best.

Graham Holland
Founding Director

Our aim from the outset was to be a ‘proper’ company and build long-term lasting relationships.

Peter Saunders
Founding Director

Our story

Graham and Peter set out to create an exceptional company specifically conceived to work with large national companies and build lasting business relationships.

The story began back in the 1970’s when Graham and Peter were friends and teammates at their local rugby union club – and soon realised that they each harboured an ambition to establish a ‘proper company’ in the commercial construction arena, and so Clovemead was born.

Both had obtained excellent professional reputations whilst working separately with two major oil companies – and their specialist knowledge, diverse skills and experience led them to specialise in the building and maintenance of petrol-filling stations across the UK.

Clovemead rapidly established itself as a class leading principal contractor for construction and maintenance, and as the years passed and clients requirements evolved – the business adapted to meet their needs, creating the fuel systems and signage divisions… the rest as they say, is history.

Today, each separate Clovemead division operates within a dynamic and integrated structure, and all contribute to the success of the business whilst continuing to explore new and improving areas of service provision.