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Tall Trees

We built a new concrete hard standing that allowed HGV’s at Tall Trees Service Station to be filled on a previously unused area of the site.

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This improvement has dramatically increased HGV fuel sales.

Tall Trees Service Station

Tall Trees Service Station

A Warrington petrol retailer wanted to expand his fuel sales by increasing the heavy goods vehicle capacity on his site. He wanted to make use of an area of land at the rear of the site that was large enough for vehicles to pull off the main road and either line up for the next available fuel nozzle or pull up alongside the high speed pump.

The solution for Tall Trees was provided by Clovemead: in order to comply with the regulations the area needed to have a catchment system that dealt with rainwater but that also captured any fuel spills and ensured that no spilt fuel could find its way to a drain off site. We installed a 10,000 ltr below ground class one oil water separator which was connected to the mains drainage. On site we laid reinforced concrete to levels which led to ACO drainage channels. The bays of concrete were connected to each other using steel dowels and separated by fuel resistant expansion joints. We also provided new above ground tank and lines.


Our work included:

  • Concrete
  • Twin wall steel tank to BS 799
  • ACO drains and sumps
  • Offset fill lines
  • New pump islands
  • Guages and valves

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Tall Trees Service Station

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