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We have been maintaining the fabric of Shell UK petrol stations across the UK for over 35 years – a proud boast.

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Clovemead are performing at 95% efficiency which is excellent.

John Rigby
Engineering Team Leader
Shell UK

Shell UK – fabric maintenance

We are proud to boast that we have been continually employed by Shell UK since our inception in 1980.

Our Construction Minor Works division has carried out forecourt repairs to Shells petrol stations across the UK for over 35 years. This includes new bays of concrete, new ACO drains, class one oil water separators, and pump islands. We do large and small areas of tarmac, bollards and manhole chambers and manifold pits.

All of our regionally based engineers are directly employed and equipped with a vehicle that carries all of the necessary safety signs and equipment. Our teams are managed via an electronic platform which controls the safety paperwork and monitors the hours on site; it also allows our clients to sign off the quality of our work and hours claimed.


Our work included:

  • Class one oil water separators
  • ACO drains and sumps
  • Concrete

Project details

Shell UK

Minor Works

Oil & Fuels

Contract value
£500,000 annually

Clovemead has worked for Shell on this contract for over 30 years, working with different contract administrators