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ROSPA Attendance

June 2017

Bal Garcha and his wife AL recently visited Buckingham Palace as guests of ROSPA The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Bal is our Health and Safety Manager.

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Culcheth Changing room

Warrington Wolves young guns on hand to open Culcheth changing rooms

March 2017

WARRINGTON Wolves young guns were on hand to open new changing rooms in Culcheth which form part of a £500,000 regeneration project.

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Camberley rescale

Martin’s Volkswagen of Camberley

March 2017

The finished product! – Pictured to the left; Martin’s of Camberley upon completion of its new signage installation.

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website pic

Edwin May Volkswagen at Portadown, Northern Ireland

March 2017

Site Across the Sea! – Edwin May’s Volkswagen at Portadown, N.I; one of our most recent signage installations completed on time and successfully.

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VW High Wycombe rescaled for website copy

Volkswagen Citygate at High Wycombe

February 2017

Another Volkswagen site completed successfully and on schedule, one to be proud of!

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Volkswagen Lisburn in Northern Ireland

August 2016

Volkswagen Lisburn in Northern Ireland, another Volkswagen showroom rebrand project completed on time, the new signage comprises of the above entrance portal along with various other retailer signs including pylons and a welcome wall, the site is now almost ready for its first delivery of cars and looks fantastic.

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